24 February 2007

Stephen Effing Harper!

As if it wasn't bad enough to be forced to watch our tax dollars being wasted on Stéphan Dion smear ads during prime time, then this poll came out showing that the Conservatives are actually gaining support! From who!?! Why?!?

Lets review a few of the asinine thing Harper has done since taking power just one short (though eternity-seeming) year ago:

¤ Reopened the (already settled by the Supreme Court) equal marriage debate
¤ Cut spending on social programmes despite having a 13 billion dollar surplus
¤ Cancelled a national daycare plan
¤ Reneged on the landmark Kelowna Accord, a ten-year, five billion dollar commitment designed to address First Nations poverty

Oh yeah, and he didn't address the World AIDS conference in Toronto, or ratify laws regarding the Kyōto Protocol. Really the list goes on and on, but why bother? We all know that Stephen Harper is a mangy, snake-faced, pig-dog boil on the scabby donkey ass of humanity. I really didn't think it was possible for me to have a lower opinion of him.

Until now.

During a speech in the House of Commons, Harper accused Sikh, Liberal MP Navdeep Bains of somehow being implicated in the Air India bombing over the North Atlantic in 1985, and accused the Liberals of creating a cover-up on Bain's behalf by refusing to to extend provisions in anti-terrorism law. Now never mind the fact that Bains was nine years old in 1985 — he's a Sikh, and Sikhs were involved in the bombing and therefore all Sikhs are bad. The alleged connexion between Bains and the Air India attack was that his father-in-law is on a list of potential list of witnesses for the Air India probe. Again lets ignore the fact that Bains had not yet met his father-in-law (being nine and all), and that hundreds of Sikhs are being considered as witnesses — brown people are all terrorists and should be sent back to where they came from.
God Stephen Harper; I knew you were a liar, a pig, an idiot and a homophobe — but an outright racist? You even refused to apologise, saying that it was up to Bains to deny the facts reported about him. Clearly, I shouldn't be surprised by your bigoted behavior, but I still kind of am.
Using racial stereotypes and personal attacks as a springboard to further your party's political agenda is unconscionable and disgusting. It's time to break out the big guns Stephen; You are officially: Dead to Me, Level Three. That's right, you heard me, Level Three! That's just one step above Hitler, Satan and Shannen Doherty. You are so dead to me that even my grandchildren's grandchildren will still sit around talking about what a horrible person you are.
For the good of Canada, Navdeep Bains, and my personal sanity, I think we should turn Alberta back into a territory. That way Ottawa gets all their oil money and coo-coo conservative yahoos like Harper and the people who vote for him no longer have any say in parliament. Everyone in the rest of Canada would be a whole lot happier.


Anonymous said...

yeah i agree he is an effing neo-con but this runs much deeper. The Vancouver Sun is known for smearing prominent Sikhs by taking totally unrelated facts portraying them as related to something they are not!!! Also, BC rdnecks love it and think of the sun as the word of GOD. This paper is a broadsheet publication like the Toronto Star, but much of the reporting is anti-minority, pro-christian conservative white. They portray themselves as progressive and defenders of western values and other religions races as something dirty. This has continued after their take over by Canwest which has been somehow convinced by the people that have worked for the paper for over 30 years that Vancouver has conservative readers(eventhough cons don't have any seats in the city proper) that would like to see mud on minorities when ever possible, no wonder Sun's readership is declining. Unesco came out with a paper about unethical jouranlism at the Vancouver sun written by Joseph Scanlon back in 1977 citing biased news atricles from the Sun over a period of decades prior to 1977. Seems like things have gotten a lot worse at the sun lately.

Also the witness list that Bains's father-in-law is supposed to be on is not to be made public under any circumstances according to the RCMP spokesperson. So how did it end up in Kim Bolan's hands??? Is RCMP at it again after they handed Cons the election by linking Ralph Goodale to income trust leak, that wasn't even a leak afterall as we learned recently. Interestingly, Bains's father-in-law Saini has said that he would testify if asked, regardless of the law that compels witnesses to testify(he is one of the 120 witnesses that have been around for 22 years sinced air-india). So the Question is why are the Cons doing it??? To get more votes in Alberta and BC interior or Redneck Saskatchewan and rural Ontario??? they already have them!!! so the question is WHY??? most likely to divert public's attention away from the real issues and to prtray liberals as weak on terror, atypical tactic used after 9/11 by Karl Rove and the Republican propaganda machine against anyone opposed to them, be they journalists, political opponents or dixie chicks.

Bains has been a thorn in the side of Conservatives ever since he along with other sikh MP's, came out in support of gay marraige as they considered ita human rights issue(the very issue conservatives hoped would help them take ethnic vote away form the liberals). Sikhs still remeber the opposition to turbans and immigration coming out of the reform party and the despicable anti-minority rants of Calgary MP's Rob Anders and Art Hanger back in the 90's. Anyhow i'm glad that it happened The Vancouver Sun, Kim Bolan and Stephen Harper have all been exposed. The RCMP also has a lot to answer about he leaks that particulary 'help' the conseravatives with personal attacks on liberals, however bizzare and untrue the allegations maybe.

Anonymous said...

do you even check the comments???...lol

Tokyo Tintin said...


I, of course, do check my comments. Gawd, I live for comments on my blog! Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I actually didn't know that about The Vancouver Sun, but why am I not surprised?

You are right, the real question is why are the Conservatives doing this? But then, why do they do anything is a mystery to me. See here.

Conservative policy since they have been in power has really only appealed to the voters who were already voting conservative anyway and alienated everyone else. It boggles my mind however, that the Conservatives could actually be gaining support. I simply do not understand from where.

Again, I think the rest of Canada should make Alberta (and probably the BC interior too) into a territory -or maybe even better a colony- called New Texas so we can exploit their resources and oppress their citizenry. I'm sure getting eveyone else on board won't be too hard. I think we've all had just about enough of Alberta's oil-assured smugness.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply tt.....how was your weekend?

If you think about it, would my friend’s wife’s uncle who was a supporter(as almost all jews in the west were at that time) of the Zionist militant group that was involved in violence in Israel during the brief zionist insurgency in the late 40’s struggle for the establishment of that country make my friend somehow responsible/liable for something???

And Bains's father-in-law Mr. Saini is a mere witness because of one guy that stayed with him back in the 80's, who inturn is not even directly linked to air-india but was accused of attacking another witness many years later in Vancouver(where this guy later moved) because of something personal that happened between them!!!......and the Sun not only got a confidential RCMP list of witnesses(not to be made public under any circumstances) but went on to pick one individual , Saini, out of hundereds on the list, because he happened to be a relative of Nav Bains and was probably not of much help to the investigators anyway for the above mentioned reasons, or else they would have used him as a witness at least once in the past 22 years.

so the questions that need to be answered are?

1. Why did the Sun go to such lengths to try to make this connection to a young Toronto area Sikh MP?

2. How did a confidential RCMP list end up in Vancouver sun's hands???

3. Why did Harper try to make this connection while responding to a question from the liberals as to why they should support the extention of these draconian laws, that have never been used?

The thing to be noted here is that this was all pre-planned, as a copy of the article was in every MP's folder as a reply to a particular question that was asked(the questions and answers are all provided to the MP's on both sides, even before the QP starts), he tried to read it and the liberals were looking at what he was going to read in their folders. He just can't provide a relevant answer to any questions asked by the opposition.

Now your comments about Alberta, well its too late for going back now but there is a big change happening in Alberta with people moving in(although the conservative media's propaganda machine there is working full-time to convert new arrivals).......
1 in 4 people in Calgary are immigrants, most don't vote as only citizens can vote...most of them are recent arrivals, liberals and the NDP are just not going after that segment yet. Calgary center was split in two so as to divide liberal vote and adding conservative areas from neighboring ridings to the two new ones. As for BC interior, even there the southern interior riding is NDP/LIB territory, i guess they have too many hippies and italians in Trail and Nelson..haha.....but right next to it is okanagan coquihalla....where Stockwell Day parachuted in after he moved from Alberta to join federal politics........interestingly both Day and Harper were born in or near Toronto.

now read this comment from Harper before he bacame the leader of opposition.

"You have to remember that west of Winnipeg the ridings the Liberals(or NDP) hold are dominated by people who are either recent Asian immigrants or recent migrants from Eastern Canada; people who live in ghettos and are not integrated into Western Canadian society.”- Rt.Hon. Stephen Harper, PM of Canada.

he forgot the aboriginals as usual.

Harper and Day are also migratns form eastern Canada.....so what was he talking about? Harper and his party are out of step with most Canadians on every major issue, so does that mean they are not integrating into the Canadian mainstream???

Anonymous said...

on another note....here is an interesting article about the opposition of Japanese Canadians to the naming of a new federal building in Vancouver by the Harper government after one of the most hateful and bigoted Conservative MP's from the past. Seems like no group would be left untouched by their agenda.

Naming of Federal Building

Media Release: October 30, 2006

Position Statement of National Association of Japanese Canadians and Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association regarding the announcement of September 2006 by The Honourable Michael Fortier, Minister of Public Works and Government Services, in the naming of a Federal building, located in Vancouver, after Howard Charles Green (d. 1989).

The Honourable Mr. Fortier has lauded Mr. Green as an exemplary citizen, and with great pleasure dedicated his name to one of the most environmentally friendly of federal buildings, located in Vancouver. The volunteer naming committee (including the Downtown Business Association, the Vancouver Business Improvement Association, the Vancouver Historical Society, and the Vancouver Heritage Commission), struck in 2004, had gone through more than 340 names before deciding on Howard Charles Green.

Why Howard Charles Green? Perhaps it is too simplistic to say it must be because of his name, which was being bestowed on a `green’ building. After all, he is described glowingly in the government press release as one of Canada’s most distinguished statesmen, The Honourable Howard Charles Green, P.C., who was elected seven times as a Member of Parliament for Vancouver South, and later Vancouver Quadra. He held the portfolios of Public Works, Defence Production, and Secretary of State for External Affairs from 1957 until 1963. He was a Cabinet Minister during Diefenbaker era and as such was a strong advocate of nuclear disarmament. He was also a World War One veteran.

What is not revealed in this description is that he was also known during the 1930s and 1940s as a racist politician, a Member of Parliament for Vancouver South, who spoke strongly and horrifically against one ethnic group, that is, people of Japanese origin, calling for their exclusion and expulsion from Canada.

Therefore comments made through the media in defense of the naming reveal a surprising and disappointing lack of knowledge, or perhaps even moral integrity. They include those by a member of the decision making committee who says we should not condemn Mr. Green since he was only “representing the tenor of the time.” (Globe & Mail, October 24). Conservative Senator Hugh Segal suggests the views expressed by others (presumably the NAJC and GVJCCA) “inappropriate, is both childish, and contextually ahistorical and unfair.” (The Vancouver Sun, October 28.) Also, Liberal Senator Larry Campbell comments that “if we are continually going back” there would not be anybody’s name that could be used to name any building. (The Vancouver Sun, October 28.)

The role that Mr. Green played in British Columbia during the 1930s and 1940s in perpetuating discriminatory and racist practices against Japanese Canadians is well documented.

“Green demands ban on Asiatic immigration” The Vancouver News-Herald, July 25, 1939.

“Green wants all Japanese removed.” The Vancouver Sun, August 10, 1942

“Violence here if Japs Return—Green.” The Vancouver Sun, April 6, 1946.

Green pressed for the expulsion of the Japanese to some area in the Pacific, if they did not want to go to Japan…(Canada, House of Commons Debates, 1945, p.3704.)

“Our stand is, and always has been, that we won’t have Japs in the province.” “The Liberal policy is to scatter them; the CCF want to scatter them and give them the vote. If they ever get the vote, nothing more will be done about them.” Green, Province, May 27, 1945.

“Return of Japanese Means Bloodshed says Howard Green.” April 6, 1946.

“Green warns against Return of BC Japs.” The Vancouver Province, April 6, 1946.

Mr. Green sought deportation of all Japanese, regardless of citizenship, as the “ideal” solution. (Opposed were groups such as the National InterChurch Advisory Committee which favoured a solution based on democratic principles. Prime Minister King’s compromise was the dispersal policy.)

“Green asks Loyalty Test for Japanese.” The Victoria Colonist, May 3, 1946.

“Citizenship Bill is Amended to Ensure Jap Deportation.” May 4, 1946.

“Conservatives Oppose Return of Japanese.” November 18, 1947.

On April 1, 1949, when finally there was removal of the last federal government restrictions imposed on Japanese Canadians seven years previously, and almost four years after the end of the war, they were free to return to the 100 mile “protected area” along the West Coast. There were, as Mr. Green had predicted, no bloodshed when some returned, and no revival of organizations like the White Canada Association or the Japanese Repatriation League.

If his actions of the 1930s and 1940s are due to `the tenor of the time’ as is suggested, why did Mr. Green not, in his long life, reconsider his past and offer an apology? His own Conservative Government of Mr. Mulroney offered the apology and acknowledgement of wrong doing in September of 1988.

As Dr. Roy Miki, professor of Simon Fraser University, and author of Redress: Inside the Japanese Canadian Call for Justice (and recipient of Nora and Ted Sterling Award for Controversy, the Governor-General’s Award, and the Order of Canada), expresses to The Province on October 25, 2006, “I was pretty shocked…” with reference to the honouring of Mr. Green. “From a Japanese-Canadian point of view, he was one of the most feared politicians in Canada because he was pretty relentless in his hatred of Japanese-Canadians.” (The Province, October 25, 2006)

The Chinese Canadian National Council in its press release (October 25) asks, “Where is the lesson of Redress?” National President, Ms. Colleen Hua, expresses her dismay, and added “The irony is that we just completed a ceremony to restore dignity to our few living Head Tax payers…who…lived through the Chinese Exclusion Act era.” In calling for a reversal of the decision, she adds, “There is no half-way measure about fighting racism in Canada.

The Past President of National Association of Japanese Canadians, in his letter to The Honourable Mr. Fortier suggests:

It is the height of irony that the Conservative Government of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney in 1988 rose in Parliament and apologized to Canadians of Japanese ancestry for the injustices and discrimination perpetuated against our community in British Columbia…In 2006, the same Conservative Government is now honouring one of the influential British Columbia leaders of that time for the part he played in the tragic history of our country.

The question that may be asked is what happened between 1988 and 2006 that the volunteer committee making the decision should choose someone who is known in historical documents, and remembered by many, as having advocated racism? Are they saying racial profiling is an approved behaviour at certain times in history? Who are the members of this committee? How are they chosen to sit and adjudicate such decisions?

As a community leader and Member of Parliament, Mr. Green demonstrated a distinct lack of responsibility and courage in striving to maintain the civil and human rights of Canadians of Japanese ancestry. He was instrumental in validating and encouraging the incarceration and internment of an innocent community, and the denial of individual civil liberties. Had there been no opposition to his advocating for his “ideal solution”, Japanese Canadians regardless of their citizenship would all have been shipped off to Japan or to a Pacific island. Japanese Canadians had not committed any crime, but Mr. Green promoted not only the uprooting but never allowing them to return to British Columbia.

The National Association of Japanese Canadians expressed to The Honourable Mr. Fortier that we support the honouring of Canadians who have made a positive and exceptional contribution to the country. However, those being honoured must be individuals of the highest moral and ethical character; they must be individual role models that all Canadians aspire to emulate.

Tokyo Tintin said...

Basically, what it all comes down to, is that Conservatives make no sense. They are not doing things to win the popularity contest that is Canadian politics. They are just running with whatever wacky idea pops into their head (or whatever nutjob special interest groups with deep pockets, like Focus on the Family tell them to do).

If I've learned one thing from my many years of having a crush on Peter Mansbridge and the erotic overtones of The National, it's that Conservatives suck, always have and always will.

I invite all WTTMB readers to sign my anti-Alberta, pro-ration-and-logic petition here

Anonymous said...

lol.....i thought you had a crush on george strombolopolus....by the way Dion is on The Hour right now.

Tokyo Tintin said...

Actually, my real crush was on Ian Hanomansing. Meraow.

Anonymous said...

Awww what a cute perv you are!!!