18 October 2006

Jeff Probst: "Tilley hats represent your life on the island"

See Jennifer's blog to watch my Africa travel companions Jenni and Ash go head to head in a What Not To Wear: Africa Version as they hash out the demerits of money belts and hole-y underwear. They've been warned that at the first sign of Jeff Probst-esque clothing, I’m ditching them in the market with their safari vests and cargo shorts so they can embarrass themselves without me.

Besides, I’ll be too busy on the beach ogling sexy Euro travelers to try to save them from their heinous fashion crimes.

Just remember ladies, “khaki” is an Arabic world for “Hello, I’m a fatty tourist dumb-dumb with lots of expensive camera equipment. Please steal and take advantage of me.”


Miss Ash said...

I"m buying Jennifer a Tilley had at MEC this weekend as a going away present.

I'll get you the matching vest, i of course will be wearing none of that.

Jennifer said...

Maybe you should put khaki 'on notice'.
Also, on the same subject, my evolution prof is back from his conference in New Orleans and he's still wearing that infernal khaki vest with a zillion pockets.

Tokyo Tintin said...

i think you are in love with your evolution professor, but disgusted by your attraction to him. i'm sensing you're very conflicted right now.

given your bad judgement track record so far, i absolutely forbid you to go anywhere near mountain equiment co-op!

Tokyo Tintin said...

do you think i should put 'khaki' on notice or 'safari vests'?

Jennifer said...

hmmm.... safari vests. definitely.

my evolution professor is more your type than my type, if you know what I mean, but I'm only basing that on his effeminate voice and big diamond earring in one ear. but that being said, i just sit in class and imagine having dirty monkey sex with him while he wears nothing but the safari vest - oh baby.