23 October 2006

Pope calls same sex-unions 'weak and deviant'

As if it wasn't bad enough that we had to wait a million years for John-Paul to die, now we're stuck with awful Ratzinger who is even worse!

This article is so chock-a-block full of the Pope's contractions that it makes my head want to explode

First he says the Church must say "'no' to weak and deviant forms of love." Now I didn't pay a whole lot of attention in Sunday school, but I'm pretty sure Jesus loved everybody, no matter who they were, or what kind of love they had. But I guess the Bible has been wrong this whole time, and we should only love old white European men who wear eccentric hats and who try to micro-manage everyone’s lives.

Then he said that the Church did not want to be “a political agent” but wanted to help shape social policy. Given that he won’t shut up about equal marriage and threatens Canada’s politicians with eternal damnation for not forcing their private Catholic views on our civil government, I can’t see how he’s not trying to exert his political influence. A theocracy might be fine for some right-wing lunatics, but a mediaeval church state is not my idea of a good time. Quite frankly, in the 21st century the Church has no business whatsoever trying to tell Government what to do. We already gave the Church a chance; it was called the Dark Ages, and no one really much cared for it the first time around.

And finally, in a fit of hypocrisy so overwhelming as to be literally sickening, the Pope complained that “unjustifiable,” “ancient prejudices” were hindering state funding for Catholic schools in Italy. Since ancient prejudices are something Catholics are experts at; it must be quite difficult to have the tables turned now. Oh boo-hoo, people in Italy don’t want to give money to religious schools. How upsetting that must be. Well on behalf of the millions and millions of women, non-Christians and gays who have suffered and died because of the Church’s ancient prejudices: Screw You!

That’s it Pope Benedict! You’ve barely been around for a whole year and you’ve already pissed me off far too many times. You are officially: Dead to Me! —I can only hope that unlike Pope JP, we won’t have to wait too long before you’re dead to everyone else as well.

Hey Benny, here’s a tip: if you’re worried about nose-diving church attendance all over the world, maybe you should try modernising your Nut-Job House of Rules and Prejudice and stop trying to pretend that we’re all living in the 13th century.

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Jennifer said...

Pope Benedict, you are dead to me too.
TT, don't give him any ideas, if he keeps going the way he's going, no one will go to church and the religion will just die a quiet and long overdue death. Jane notwithstanding, of course.