23 February 2009

Your band's album cover

The Natural History of Selborne — "The Photo You Want"

"The Photo You Want" is TNHS's second release and builds on the moody, etherial sucess of thier debut. Sweet, foggy vocals drift though a uncompromising, reverb-drenched, atmospheric soundscape comprised of floaty guitars, orchestration and pianos. The opener "Euskara" is born aloft by la-las and handclaps, while "Oriental Darter" is uncharacteristically acoustic folk, intimate and a joy.

11 February 2009

06 February 2009

Dragostea din tei

♪♫♪Vrei sa pleci dar nu ma, nu ma iei!♫♪♪

I never knew that T.I. and Rihanna loved Romanian boy bands so much! Did you?

Another thing I didn't know was that turn-of-the-century Eurotrash videos could be just as good –or even better– than videos from the 80s. You learn something new every day.

03 February 2009

25 blah, blah, etc.

I’ve been tagged by several people for to do this and I caught wind that if I didn’t, I would be less cool. Since I am trying so hard to be regarded as 'cool' by my friends, here are the 25 random facts about me.

1. I can make a horrible first impression and many people have told me they thought I hated them when we met.

2. If I was a domestic animal, I would be a llama. If I was a wild animal, I would be a flamingo.

3. My biggest problem in relationships is that I tend to avoid talking about problems. (Which in turn causes more problems).

4. Clearly, there are vampires.

5. I’ve been collecting postcards since I was about eight and want to get one from every country in the world.

6. I don’t think people should travel to Burma and I secretly think less of anyone I meet who has.

7. I had a scary reoccurring dream as a child of being at sea in a storm on a pirate ship with Spiderman’s body in a coffin.

8. I think circumcision is bad and wrong and should be made illegal.

9. I am a nerd about the following things: capitals, flags, airlines, public transport, birds, languages, alphabets, Project Runway, French Indochina, postcards, Meso-American history, kanji, Thor Heyerdahl.

10. I don’t like driving and when I’m in charge, I will make private car ownership illegal and replace all roads with train tracks.

11. The beach is my favourite place in the whole world and if I could live there forever, I would.

12. My greatest fear is failure.

13. My dream is to travel around the world without leaving the ground.

14. If I could only watch Gong Li movies for the rest of my life, it wouldn’t really be so bad.

15. I spend too much money on clothes. I think I have a problem.

16. As much as I hated all the fishing and camping trips my father took me on when I was young, I appreciate them so incredibly much now. So many people have so little exposure to nature now.

17. The last time I cried was 12 January 2009.

18. I have always been incredibly, incredibly self-conscious about my taste in music. (See #24, for example).

19. I’m a leg man.

20. Although a staunch left-handist, I bowl with my right hand.

21. If someone offered me a free plane ticket tomorrow, I would have a hard time choosing between Toronto and Tahiti.

22. I think Couchsurfing.com is amazing and it’s basically changed my life.

23. I want to go to Nunavut so bad!

24. My first record (whoa – dating myself!) was Rick Astley’s “Whenever You Need Somebody”.

25. I didn’t learn to tie my shoes until I was eleven. My poor mother must have thought I was retarded.