28 October 2008

The Translation Project that Took Over my Life!

At the moment I am eat-sleep-breathing an enormous translation project for a friend of a friend. He's a photographer and he did an enthographic study of different endangered cultures for an exhibition at UNESCO. He asked me to translate the exhibtion guide. All fine and good. 26 pages by such-and-such a date; no problem. But then the pages were single-spaced, 8-point font... And they kept coming and coming and coming. More things to add or update or change everyday. The Never-Ending Story—only much, much longer!

I managed to farm out some of the work to friends, but it's still not enough. I haven't slept more than a few hours a night trying to get everything done. I just need it to be over, but instead I have more things in my inbox this morning

Here are some photos I took in the happy time when I still had a life.

18 October 2008

"I believe in distinct society – as long as someone else pays for it"

Oh those crazy Québécois; they'll do anything!

Have to admit though, cheese with french fries does make sense.