25 January 2008

I love Australians!

Real Life Risky Business

...."if you ever need a party organised, get me to do it!" Hi-larious!

Best! Continent! Ever!


sly said...


Tokyo Tintin said...

I still love Australians even though their government issued a travel warning for Canada because of dangerous avalanches and "forest fires which can erupt at any moment."

jase said...

and we Australians love you too. xx
ps this guy has his own facebook group, you should consider joining;)

Tokyo Tintin said...

My one Oscar prediction of the year came true: Best Supporting Actor for Casey Affleck in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford! Some vindication after last year's complete snub of the highly deserving Apocalypto.

Also, a French friend pointed out to me, after I put France 'On Notice' that it's not actually France that I'm having trouble with. It's French bureacracy (already 'Dead to Me' level two) and my school that are my problems. So welcome new DTM inductee!