25 May 2006

It's the Final Countdown!

Well, I've dreamed about this for a long time, and now it's finally here; my last day at Nova. I can't believe it's over. It was a pretty normal day in terms of my schedule, my friend Clairasol brought some cake, pretty low-key. I thought I was for sure going to cry, though in the end I didn't. I was just so happy all day thinking 'This is the last time I have to use the crappy Level 3 textbook,' 'This is the last time I have to suffer through a dumb-dumb's incoherant and incomprehensible ramblings,' 'This is the last time I will ever have to answer the question 'Why did you come to Japan?''

It was very theraputic.

Only five more days!

Here you see me with my last schedule; me with my last student (Takashi Umeyama -a fungus researcher!); and me standing outside my branch for the very last time.


Jennifer said...

Does it count that when you come back people are going to ask why you went to Japan?
Congrats on the last day.
I finish my contract here on Monday and I have a chick who is still trying to teach me how to do things that only need to be done once a month, is it impolite to tell her that it's pointless?

Princess Pessimism said...

I CANT believe you're on your way home....I'm in St. catharines now, but am leaving the day before you get here...Oh well....i'll be home at the end of june for good, we'll all have to go out and live it up.
SAFE TRAVELS tintin....

Miss Ash said...

I think you should try to bring home some Okinomyiaki in your suitcase ... :)

tokyo tintin said...

by the way jenni, i've been too freaked out to read your blog lately for fear of findind out who won the amazing race. i, of course am a *huge* fan of the hippies, though have a feeling ray and yolanda win for some reason. i'm cho looking forward to watching it. (so don't you tell me who wins either!)

tokyo tintin said...

p.s. jenni, it is rude to tell the chick that her help is pointless. she's just trying to be nice, and besides, if you just smile and nod you get paid to waste the company's time. and who does love getting fat on the company dime? --oh yeah, i heard dat!

Jennifer said...

There's no danger of learning who won on the Amazing Race on my blog, just watch out for copies of that blasted rag USA Today, argh, I'm still bitter.
I have all your shows ready to go if you just want to get off the plane and go back to my place, order some take-out and start watching them. Or you can take them to go.

Usually at work, I just go with the flow, and keep in mind that I get paid whether I'm having fun or not, whether the person is yammering on to me about nothing or not.... so that's the attitude I'm trying to keep. But this woman just gets under my skin, PP, came by for lunch and saw this woman talking to me and announced that she was a cow.
Anyway, she finally realized it was pointless to try and make me do her stupid monthly tasks. And today is my second last day, woo!