05 June 2006


Oh! My! God! Yesterday afternoon, walking down Yonge Street, I met BJ and Tyler!!! Without a doubt, my all-time favourite Amazing Racers *ever*, I was so excited to meet them. They were very friendly and personable, genuinely happy to meet a huge fan and they all gave me a big hug, including Tyler's lovely girlfriend Ayumi, whom I had learned all about just the day before watching "Kintaro Walks Japan" –Tyler's movie about walking from Kyushu to Hokkaido.

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, but it was totally awesome to meet them. It totally knocks my previous brush with greatness on it's ass (almost knocking Franz Ferdinand lead singer Alex Kapranos down the stairs at a concert in Tokyo).

Well, if I was worried about moving back to Toronto, this certainly made me feel good about my choice. Congratulations BJ and Tyler, and thanks for taking the time to hug a fan! Cho tanoshikatta!


Princess Pessimism said...
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Princess Pessimism said...

OH MY GOD!!! NO WAY! That is undeniably the COOLEST circumstance ever!!! I'm so envious!!!

What did you say to them when you met them? did you FREAK out? I would have....they seem like totally cool guys.

Miss Ash said...

Jennifer emailed me that you met them, as they too were my favorite. Lucky duck.

You should have invited them out for drinks and called Jennifer, she would have had the enormous camera in their faces in no time.

Princess Pessimism said...

I watched Kintaro walks japan....he reminds me of that fraggle...travelling matt

Anonymous said...

Should i know who these people are?
I have to say I wouldnt have expected such exhilleration at an encounter with selectively groomed personages. Am muchly confused this is distression to my comprehensionals, whats left of them. Oh and why does the delightful encounter with the scissor sisters' boys not rank up there with an Austro Hungarian 'it" boy and a stairs?

heren chan

jase said...

Daniel, lies make the baby Jesus cry!! I can't believe you're claiming that it was you who almost knocked Alex Franz Ferdinand and his extremely large head down the stairs at the M.I.A. concert. We both know that was my brush with greatness! Fibs, I tell ya. Damn fibs! PS I'm totally jealous about meeting BJ and Tyler though. Although clearly I'll be telling everyone that it was me who met them ;) xx

tokyo tintin said...

oh heren-chan,

down there in the antipodes, how would you know anything about anything that's happing in the world? tyler and bj are the most awesomest reality tv show contestants ever! (second only to rafe from survivor guatemala). they were on the amazing race the last leg of which took them to tokyo and i squealed like a girl watching them run around hachiko crossing and bike-riding to the park hyatt.

they are truely awesome, and it was so cool to meet them!

go hippies!

tokyo tintin said...


let's just say we both almost knocked his big head down the stairs and call it even.