25 September 2006

That time of year again

The autumn sitting of Parliament is just around the corner, and with it is Stephen DonkeyFacedJerkKnob Harper’s promise to revisit the equal marriage debate so that he can pander to conservative redneck hicks in Alberta and be a kowtowing lackey for his best bud George W.

Now, he is doing this even though
1) Parliament has already decided this issue.
2) Legal experts have said that backtracking on this human rights issue is constitutionally impossible.
3) A growing and clear majority of people are opposed to reopening this issue. People who initially opposed equal marriage are now opposed to debating this issue all over again (maybe because several years of debating and royal-commissioning have already taken place).

God, talk about flogging a dead horse Steve! I am very temped to process Stephen Harper straight through to the “Dead To Me” section, but I will differ to correct procedure and first announce that Stephen Harper, you’re officially On Notice!

Now, hopefully it will be the last time I ever have I ever have to entreat you to email your MPs and remind them Canada is a nation of hippy granola pinko commie leftwingers who love bilingual cereal boxes and cheap prescription drugs and believe that everyone should do whatever they want; take a bear to church, read a book with your feet, change your name to Goobleglob, or even, saints preserve us, get married to whomever you want to!

Contact your MP through this handy


heren chan said...

Do I have an MP?
I was thinking about getting an MP3 players but given that it is a cost efficient tool that only repeats things i like to hear I have a funny feeling they might be unrelated

Tokyo Tintin said...

HC- i don’t know what you’d have stuck way down there in the antipodes –in fact i rather think that not being of convict extraction, you likely don’t have access to an aussie MP whatsoever. however perhaps back home you might call them a feisire parlaiminte. i’m not exactly sure. typically, MPs are people who wear off-the-rack suits with uninteresting ties and convene infrequently to find the best ways to mismanage our social programmes and tax dollars.