12 October 2006

Ça plane pour moi

Looking out my office window, somewhat hungover, staring at the first freaking snow flurries(!!) of the year, i became instantly depressed. Blah! So I decided to post this here to make myself feel better.

How awesome is Plastic Bértrand? This new wave punk-pop masterpiece was named one of the best songs ever by Joey Ramone and is featured in pretty much every teen movie where the characters go to France (including a personal favourite of mine National Lampoons European Vacation).

"I am the king of the divan!"

(Maybe it's just the hot pink leather jacket, but does Monsieur Bértrand look like a really cute gay man or what?)


tokyo tintin said...

i'd like to point out that i had to pull my wrinkly, mothbally winter coat out of a box this morning to wear to work because it was so freakin cold!!

i really hate winter and i really hate it enough to make me not want to live in canada. yuck!

Jennifer said...

It's cold as balls. And I lost so much weight since last year that my coat doesn't fit any more. That seems nice, but with no coat and no blubber, I'm screwed.
I'm in love with this video. Maybe instead of a new winter coat, I should get a hot pink leather jacket.

tokyo tintin said...


i think you should most definately get a hot pink leather jacket!

who cares how impractical it might be - you'll look totally hot!!

sly said...

i agree.

Miss Ash said...

I've felt blah all weekend, this video just made my day :)

Princess Pessimism said...

We didnt get any snow so far down here...but Let me assure you. We have already had school cancellations becuase of the snow in buffalo. So, ive had my first snow day in years.

I was very excited about it.

jase said...

sweetie, YOU are the king of the divan;)