23 December 2006


Last weekend my new BFF Joel and I realised that we are actually the same person! Super-freaky!

Let's review the evidence shall we: our birthdays are only six days apart, so we are both dark and brooding, pensive Capricorns. We are both left-handed. We are both essentially 'reverse bananas,' for lack of a better term (white on the outside, yellow on the inside). (Oops! Is that offensive? Whatever— everyone knows I'm actually a Chinese spy who had extensive plastic surgury to infiltrate this Gay Agenda terrorist cell). We are both productive in the mornings. We are both insanely cute (and in uploading this photo I notice that our eyes are even the same colour). Really the list goes on and on.
Joel, we are so exactly the same person. All you need now is to live in Tokyo for four years and then people won't even be able to tell us apart — which will be awesome because then we can cruise together for guys with hot, twisted twin fantansies. Sugoi! I can't wait!


tokyo tintin said...

I wanted to post this last weekend, when I actually wrote it, but somebody wouldn't send me the link to their photos.

That's okay though — No hard feelings at Chritsmas time. I wish the non-photo-sender and all the rest of my wonderful readers a Happy Chrismukkah-Festivus Holiday.

Merii Kurisumasu!

tokyo tintin said...

Also, we are both wearing pea coats in that photo. The same person!!

Princess Pessimism said...

Sugoi indeed!!!

Jennifer said...


jase said...

ahem...BFFs?!? I'm shocked, appalled AND shocked all over again!! there better be room in your life for two BFFs otherwise there's gonna be a smackdown. fickle bloody fags....ungrateful...you are both cute though...mutter mutter.

merry fishmas from Tokyo y'all!! mwah!

tokyo tintin said...

Oh please Jase, you know you are in a completely different league than BFFs! Clearly you're just fishing for compliments you handsome devil you. Rest assured, your primacy goes unrivalled — Now all we need is to get back on the same continent again and let the hijinx roll.

By the way, your new favourite show is The O.C. (season one and two). Go rent it at Tsutaya toute suite!

davidcarey said...

AND you both love tall drinks of water named david. thank you.