23 January 2007

Amazing Race No-Stars


W.T.F!!!!!! No Hippies? I am sooooo upset right now I can't believe it! The Hippies were the best racers of all time ever! As if anyone cares the slightest iota about seeing pasty-faced lame-os Rob and Amber schlep their over-exposed, reality asses around the world all over again. Yuck!

Blah, phwpt! I spit on you Amazing Race All Stars. You are dead to me!

How can you even pretend to be an all-stars edition when you lack the biggest stars of them all?!

Ugh. I don't even want to watch it now.


Unknown said...

my favourites are still Kris and Jon from season 6. they got 2nd and were totally cute together, i think they deserve some all star action. the best part for me was that they always worked together and called each other hot during the challenges. also they took in the scenery and experience which is important.

Miss Ash said...

I was also disappointed to see that the hippies were not part of this challenge. Boo Urns!!!

I am however thrilled to see Kevin and Drew, they were freaking hilarious "Swing you fat bastard swing."

Jennifer said...

I'm psyched to see Oswald and Danny again and I never saw the first season so I'm excited for Kevin and Drew - Why don't they just release the seasons on DVD!?!
But I'd have liked it alot better if the Hippies had been on it, and I also loved Kris and Jon.

Tokyo Tintin said...

After BJ and Tyler, my favourites were Lynn & Alex from season 7, and since they're not in all-stars either (despite the fact that they've their own show (which is more than i can say for dork-face rob and skinny-ass amber)), i guess i'll have to cheer for the beauty queens, dustin & kandice. I know it's weird I like them, but I do.

Too bad the crazy Weavers from family edition aren't back to entertain us with their yokel hijinx.

Anonymous said...

gzbeing stuck over here in the Far East means that I must experience this disappointment vicariously. so shocked there's no BJ & Tyler, no Reichen, no Lynn and Alex. are there any fags at all? Team Guido from the first season? c'mon! Boston Rob and Amber were always a shoo-in though since they live on Reality Avenue (which I think you'll find is located somewhere up Jeff Probst's ass.)
and no Weaver family?!? that's going too far. i'd pay money to see a house dropped on that witch and her 3 flying monkeys. or to watch them crumble again when they have to face a challenge that even has the sniff of a vehicle or racing cars or in fact, a road.
btw has anyone else noticed that Phil Keoghan's packing pretty large?? just saying....