30 January 2007

Japanese for Half-Assed People V

Hisashiburi: 久しぶり: (hee-sa-shii-bu-riiii): adv. After a long time

You say 'hisashiburi' as you would 'long time no see' — only that 'long time no see' makes you sound like a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie, whereas hisashiburi ends with that same endearing, high-pitched squealy "iiiiii" that makes Japanese so kawaii and fun.


Jimmy Hoffa: "Hisashiburi!"
Gladys Hoffa: "Where the hell have you been?"


jase said...

I use this way too much!!! but I love hearing it;)
sweetie, here's a deep dark secret for you....I thought that for the longest time it was 'musashiburi'...God knows how many times I would've embarrassed myself! (like a zillion) cos of course Japanese are too polite to stop you making a complete ass of yourself...repeatedly.
yoshi! i feel like a weight's been lifted off my shoulders. no more secret shame!

Miss Ash said...

Oh i love this part of your blog!!I think you should make it a weekly post.

Jennifer said...

hisashiburu jason!

i also love this section of your blog.

btw, i was so hung over after trivia night, i need to eat more on days i'm going to be drinking huge plastic cups of red wine.

tokyo tintin said...


Don't be embarassed, I thought it was "izashibōri" for the longest time, even after Kimi told me several times. It wasn't until I saw it written down that I figured it out.

tokyo tintin said...

MA, jenni—

I will endeavour to increase the number of JFHAP posts to the best of my ability.


Surprisingly, I did not get totally loaded at quiz night this time. Maybe you can take over my mantle as drunkest participant. I'm sure your teammates will love that.

Miss Ash said...

I encourage you Jennifer to eat more on quiz nights whist gulping down vats of red wine.

davidcarey said...

i have to remember to bring coke to next quiz night so i am not stuck drinking straight liquor again. oh well, i took one for the team.

i also love JFHAP!

tokyo tintin said...


I totally had Coke (and Pepsi). Why didn't you just ask? Silly boy — or perhaps you'd like to wear the drunkest-quizzer crown yourself? You might have to arm-wrestle Jenni for it though (watch out, she's tough).