12 January 2007

stuff + cats = awesome!

Um, like the best site on the internet *ever* (after this one of course). Stuffonmycat.com is for people who like to take stuff and put it on top of their cat and then take pictures and send them in. Cats are so amazing — you could never get a dog to co-operate and do these kind of crazy shenanigans. Cats are like the best animals *ever* — except of course for sea otters, which are so cute they make me kind of dizzy.


tokyo tintin said...

More sea otter cuteness here

jase said...

that picture is ADORABLE!!! i've got to stop checking your blog in the staff room at school....i just let out the biggest KAWAIIIIIII!! imaginable.
before you sweetie i could care less about cats but thanks to your influence i'm possibly the biggest cat freak in the Far East (well, except for the Chinese...but they just want to eat them.) i literally can't pass a cat these days without thinking a)what the f*#k is that cat staring at? and b)what are my chances of stuffing it in my bag and racing home to put things on it? cats rock.
ps remember that time i was trying to talk to Chairman Miaow and she turned to face the wall? attitude from a cat. i love it!

tokyo tintin said...


I still laugh thinking about that time with Chairman Miaow. I loved her haughty demeanor and sense of entitlement. Was she the one who tried to pounce on the crow, but fell about three meters short, and then tried to pretend like that's what she meant to do all along? Cats; just like people, only furry.

How is the cat situation in Meijiro?

jase said...

that was SO Chairman Miaow!! she spent the best part of fifteen minutes angling herself for a shot at that crow...dramatic build-up...then LAUNCH!! unfortunately about a full two metres short. glance back at me, "yeah, whatevs", then saunter away. loves it. Chairman Miaow is a hot bitch!
mejiro? cats are pretty thin on the ground, unfortch. don't worry though, I'll sniff some out. xx

Anonymous said...

hi there,

i'm usually content to lurk creepily, but your otter made my friend feel better, and i thought you should know that.

S, my friend, fell on her face, banging her nose and knees. it was a great assault upon her dignity. So I sent her the otter picture (with this caption--Oh, no!. You fell on your front! That blows. I am cute. Thus sayeth the otter). And then she felt better. I will quote her response:

That otter is the best thing ever!

My front still hurts. My poor, mutilated knees. That reminds me that I am due for more advil.

Today the collective household came to the realization that our living room smelled like vomit. Then we realized it was because of our Christmas tree. So we had to take it apart and throw it onto the
curb. Then we had to scrub vomit tree rot residue off of the floor.
It was disgusting. Also, my arm got scratched up by the vomit tree.
I may develop gangrene. That tree was seriously foul.

--end quote

so, as you can see, you are changing the world. i guess the tree vomit has nothing to do with that, but i thought it was funny.

best regards, and keep on bein' the bee's knees,


Princess Pessimism said...

I never realized how cute sea otters indeed are....

Those cats are hilarious. My dog's pretty compliant. Ive got a picture of her with a witches hat on.

tokyo tintin said...

Hi there Anonymous Dan,

It's great to know that people other than me and four other hardcord blog addicts read WTTMB. Feel free to post anytime.

While you're at it, can I interest you in some of this?

Dan said...


Ha! I think that's how I found your blog--it must be on your profile. I'm the GayDaniel in a green hoodie (tragically lost in the line of duty) sitting next to a girl and digging into a bag of easter treats. They were good treats.