09 March 2007

Second-Best Concert Ever!

The first of course being the Scissor Sisters concert in Tokyo in 2005. This show was so high-energy it was crazy! Basically an hour and a half, fast-forward, high-octane, rollercoaster ride. Ana Matronic can work the crowd like nobody’s business and Jake Shears is a showman par excellence — if I had to do a non-stop, singing aerobics routine like he does, I’d probably have an aneurism. A totally amazing show, and it pretty much blows every other band I’ve ever seen out of the water, times ten.

Personal favourite number: 'Comfortably Numb.' Other highlights include 'Paul McCartney', 'Filthy/Gorgeous', and Del Marquis’ pants. The opening band, ‘Wigs on Sticks,’ was also quite good and definitely funny.

The sweaty awesomeness that was this concert was totally worth the five-month postponement from the October original date (rescheduled due to the drummer's bad back). While it'd be pretty hard to top the Tokyo show (we were practically on the stage / Jake threw his towel to my friend Donna after she flashed him her mighty rack / we met Jake and Del as they were leaving the venue and pushed some Japanese schoolgirls out of the way to take photos with them), I'd still unhesitatingly give this concert ten glitterballs and a spanking.

Without a doubt; best performers ever!


jase said...

so. fucking. jealous.

Michael said...

Indeed Dan, so much fun for sure. I felt like I was out of my mind watching the show becasue they were so amazing. I was so pepped up and energetic the whole time and I want to be paid to do what they do. I want the glittery shorts, I want the sparkly shoes and I want to sing and dance around and get paid very well to do it.