06 March 2007


Thanks to a power failure today, I got to leave work early! Totally exciting.

Power failures are my new favourite kind of failures.

Around 10:30 (in the middle of the mini-blizzard) most lights, copiers, computers, etc., went dead and we switched over to emergency power. At noon, Toronto Hydro said we had to switch off the emergency power for them to fix the problem, and we were left with only the super-emergency diesel generator, a handful of lights, and pretty much nothing else. A few hours later Toronto Hydro said they "didn't know what was wrong" and we all got to go home. Super-awesome!

Pretty much the the absolute worst time for a power outage to have happened with the doom and panic of tax season and RRSP contribution deadlines looming large. I'm really broken up about all the work I'm missing.