23 June 2007


After a few weeks of summertime fun in the sun, I realised that I've become ridiculously tanned. I mean, look at that photo – I think I'm turning Mexican (in lieu of turning Japanese). I have never ever been that tanned in my life! It's rather disconcerting to look in the mirror and see this brown stranger looking back at me. But skin cancer is the new anorexia –it's on all the runways in Milan this year– so it's all good.


Miss Ash said...

I love the sun, skin cancer be damned!!!

Jennifer said...

I'd stage an intervention, but out of our friends, more people agree with you two than me.... But don't blame me when you all have handbags for faces at 40.
I have a scalp burn from three consecutive days outside in the sun all afternoon. I can't wait till it starts peeling.

Anonymous said...

Don't we do all the "real" damage to our skin by age 20 anyways? So now, it's just like bonus uv rays -what's 1 more? Worship away I say.
But Jennifer, that's gross.