21 December 2007

Entreprise et son environnement

A funny story from the beginning of the semester that I forgot to relate because I was too busy feeling sorry for myself (and a further example of the farcical school system here):

I have a class called Entreprise et son environnement about commerce and the business world, so you can understand and then translate economicky texts. While quite often French university classes don't use a textbook, this one does. Fine, no problemo.

I didn't have a chance to go to the bookstore, but the next week of class, another student puts up her hand and says "I went to the bookstore, but they told me the textbook is out of print." To which the professor responds "Oh yes, I know. Very unfortunate. But you can't very well expect me to re-write my whole course just because the textbook is out of print. You'll just have to make do somehow."

...Isn't France ridiculous? C'est n'importe quoi ici !


Tokyo Tintin said...

I'm considering renaming my blog "Welcome to an Endless Tirade Against France, French People & the French Education System, Mr Bond."

(Though I don't think it sounds as snappy).

TigerYogiji said...

Unbelievable! Do you get to do "end of semester teacher evaluations" in France?

Tokyo Tintin said...



Are you kidding me?

What could a lowly student possibly have to say of value to a professor, high in her ivory tower?

No. In France, students wait outside the class until the professor shows up -unfailingly late- then write down exactly what the professor says then memorise it in order to regurgitate something during the exam as close as possible to the original.

Not all of my classes are as bad as that, but still... It's like I've taken a scholastic time machine to Edwardian England!