06 December 2007

Yōkoso Japan

Waaanh! What am I doing in stupid France with all their chocolate eclairs and cigarette smoke? Japan is amazing! I want to go back.

View Yōkoso Japan video.


Miss Ash said...

Who doesn't love Eclairs??? And when I smoked Paris was heaven. Now that I don't the smoking part doesn't matter so much...but eclairs...yes please.

Tokyo Tintin said...

Chocolate eclairs are actually a zillion times better in France because they are not filled with that disgusting custard like they are in North America. They are actually filled with chocolate filling. (Seems only logical that the filling and not the glaze is what makes it chocolate).

Nevertheless, I still miss Japan. French bakeries in Japan are actually better than French bakeries in France anyway.

Tokyo Tintin said...

Yikes! I kinda forgot about all the bad things in Japan. Like that whole hating foreigners thing...

Mmmn, I think I still want to go anyway.