25 January 2008

Fashion Week

It's Fashion Week again in Paris. "Week" is a bit of a misnomer because it actually spreads out over several weeks for men's collections, prêt-à-porter, haute-couture, etc. I've been keeping an eye out for my old friend Linda, but she's been pretty busy lately. We'll do lunch at Alain Ducasse next time she pops over.

Women's collections were all about vooooluuume. More pleats and flaps and bubbles than you could have ever imagined. A dress so big that you can only fit in the elevator by yourself – Yeah, that's what I'm talkin 'bout.

Men's collections were pretty conservative. –Maybe playing it safe in this uncertain economic climate? Let's see... We still can't live without hats. Dark grey is the new black. Ties remain skinny, jeans less so. Tendency towards flat-fronted trousers in general. Long hair is officially over. Shoes still pointy, but a softer, happier pointy. Prada collection absolutely unwearable!

You can check out all the collections here.



Miss Ash said...

I'm not digging the pleated poofs!! Say hi to Linda for me, she's a St. Catheranite.

Tokyo Tintin said...


Just wait. Two and a half years from now when everyone and their dog is doing pleated poofs, you'll be able to say with triumphant disdain "Ugh, that is so Fall-Winter 2008!"