17 April 2008

Many Moons Ago

While massively procrastinating from studying for exams, I was going through my old sent mail folder and came across this email I sent to someone in 2003 who asked me how things were going in Japan.

I thought I'd share this trip down memory lane with all of you:

" Lots of stuff has happen in the last little while, all very interesting stuff like how I had to be in a dumb kabuki play about the 47 ronin and I wanted to be Yoshi but they made me be Ori. But then Mothra cut a huge swath through downtown and crushed the Hello Kitty factory, so it didn't matter anyway because I didn't have a job anymore. So I became a geisha, but it was fucking hard and there was this guy who kept doing stuff for me cause I picked up his hankerchief. Then the A-bomb killed all the samurai and the Emperor committed hara-kiri with a cherry blossom branch and I was right back where I started at the Osaka Seafood Concern. Oh, and I discovered the secrect to inner peace,.. but that's a whole other email. "


Ian Mackenzie said...

What is it about Japan that brings out the crazy in Westerners?

Tokyo Tintin said...

I think it has something to do with the inversely proportional relationship of concrete to trees. ...Or maybe Beer Blast. I'm not sure.

ian Mackenzie said...

Beer blast! Yes. And Wednesday Wine Blast.

Wine Blast? I mean. What's wrong with this picture.

Tokyo Tintin said...

Oh, Wine Blast became a daily event at some point.

I kept waiting for them to come out with a Daquiri Blast too, but they never did. :-( though I'm sure my liver is happy about it.

heren-chan said...

id still love to get my hands on that ogado book of madness that dicated the descent of so many fragile minds into the abyss.

Miss Ash said...

Ummm did you eat some bad Fugu and then write this email :)

Tokyo Tintin said...

HC- I think Rachel yoinked the orginal Ōgado book, though I made sure to take the second one with me for safekeeping when I left Nihon.

MA- If I ate bad fugu, I'd be dead, but I wouldn't exclude the possibility of a Beer Blast gone awry when I wrote this.

Grandes Viajeros said...

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ヒットエンドぴゅっ! said...