15 May 2008

I think Alice Coopers said it best: Schoooool's Out For Summer!!

And maybe a boy can dream of the "School's been blown to pieces" line too.

Last week I finished my remaining slew of exams. A few days later I was cycling across the Pont de Sully and started to feel strange. As I kept going along the Quai de la Tournelle I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Past Notre-Dame Cathedral and its attendant flocks of tourists, and on to the Fontaine St-Michel. Then, it occurred to me. I was happy! I didn't have exams to stress over or university administration to hate or weather to complain about. Paris is great and all is right with the world.

This got me to thinking about what was wrong before. The answer of course is all too clear. School. A dark cloud that hung over me, poisoning everything it touched. No wonder I was going crazy! Now just two more hateful, alienating years to go... Sigh. Best not to think about that and focus on amazing summer funness.

My mum arrives early tomorrow and we are off to explore Normandy, the Loire and other places. It'll be great to see her, get out of Paris and finally see a different side of France.


Miss Ash said...

Have a fantastic time with your mom and just relax!! You clearly deserve it! Any plans for a home visit? An island BBQ wouldn't be the same without your yummy shrimp and brownies.

Tokyo Tintin said...


Vacay with Mum was lovely. Frace has amazing countryside. All the towns are so cute and twee. Why does everything in Canada have to be enormous and ugly?

Plans for a summer visit have been shelved. I have to shake my moneymaker here to afford all my baguettes. I'm planning an extended Christmas vacation to incorporate my 30th birthday celebrations at the end of the year. Looks like someone else will have to carry the shrimp-and-brownie torch for me while I'm gone.