24 June 2008

"'Ay will heet you with my baguette!"

I was walking down the street to visit my friends Cindy and Michael and a young woman was riding her bicycle down the sidewalk. Slightly irritating, yes, but in the grand scheme of things, completely inconsequential. I didn't see exactly what happened next, but I turned around and this older couple was in a full-out shouting match with the girl on her bicycle. "Your filthy bicycle belongs on the street!!" — "Why don't you have the decency to look where you're going?!" — That kind of stuff. And next thing I knew it, the man was threatening to hit the girl with his baguette! If it hadn't been so completely hilarious, I would have scandalised.

She just rode away from their screams and no baguettes were injured in the course of the altercation.


Jennifer said...

Oh my god! That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I'm gonna start carrying around a baguette just so I can say that to people.


sly said...

It's so obvious to me that's why the French are always seen carrying baguettes. Let me know when you actually see your first full-blown baguette beating.