23 January 2009


During my trip home, two different friends approached me to say they were concerned about me. They were worried what was going on with me because my attitude had become quite negative. —Never an easy thing to hear, but they were entirely right of course. Not an easy thing to talk to a friend about either, so I really have to thank them immensely for caring enough about me to do it.

To be perfectly honest, I do find Paris to be a negative place. I hadn't realised, however, how much the bad vibes had affected me since arriving here. While I'm generally a very happy, easy-going, independent person, it seems the trying times I've had here have secretly been taking their toll.

Enough with the boo-hoo woe-is-me excuses though! — It's time for some solutions. I present you with "Smiling in the Face of Adversity 101".

Step One: Think of one new positive thing every day.

Step Two: Focus on what I have rather than what I'm missing.

Step Three: Set realistic and achievable goals.

Step Four: Leave Paris more often.


Tokyo Tintin said...

Positive things that happened:

—Getting student visa renewed.
—Two students cancelling thier lessons.
—Realisation that most people only ever dream about living in Paris, but I'm actually doing it.
—Getting paid to sleep in due to more cancelled lessons.

jase said...

i don't agree with your friends' sentiments whatsoever. sorry.
i'm your bestie and i speak with you every week and not for ONE second have i thought you were negative. (you got ME through shit, for dog's sake!) Paris is hard. Tokyo was hard. if you don't live it i don't think you'll ever get it. i understand friends being concerned about you, but they need some context. and some empathy.
i'm your friend, too. and you're the exact same Dan i met years ago. and i love you for that. don't change for anyone (but yourself.)
*rant over

MMC said...

I am glad you have set out some positive goals and that you are also already feeling more positive about things. I go tyour magazine and it is quite hot...especially the Thailand pages...yum!
Still haven't heard from MEC about your bag but I will let you know when I do.

djörk said...

Hey, did you know that Iceland is outside of Paris? No, really! I am not kidding!

Miss Ash said...

This reminds me of Oprahs gratitude journal......

--mike said...

I only noticed negativity when blogging on Paris and the red tape crap at school. In person you are quite charmant, daniel. And how fun was toronto before you (we) left? I was similarly bummed upon arriving in grimy, spit-in-your-face China. I have since forced myself to follow a "Things I Like About China" campaign. So far i've discovered: Duolun Park in north shanghai (goddam gorgeous), $1 beers and Produce Sellers speaking atrocious english. I like the positive Daniel too. Keep on growing and sharing - we all like what you give us.