29 March 2009

The Obsession Continues...

I think I've become obsessed with dance in general since starting my class!


Arts&Media Management Club said...

Hey... it's Megan. Quick question for you - where are you taking dance classes? I'd like to find one too!
Hope all is well - too bad we missed each other when Jane was here

Miss Ash said...

I'd love to see everyone bust a move in Union Station like that, perhaps you can arrange this when your lessons end....

What type of dance by the way?

Tokyo Tintin said...

Hi Megan,

The class I do is modern jazz, but really it's a bit of everything. It's offered by this gay sports association called 'Aquahomo' (who also do gay water polo and gay yoga). There are several girls in the class though, if you're inclined to join.

Their website is