19 October 2009

Introducing my AWESOME Ladies series!

Starting with Her Excellency Pratibha Patil, President of India.

She is the head of state and first citizen of India, as well as the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces.

President Patil is the first woman head of state of the India, the world's largest democracy. First elected in 2007, she is now 74 years old.


Tokyo Tintin said...

The nominations are now open!

Mediator said...

hey, how about Brigid? She's back in for three weeks to cover for Connie and says hello

yrautca said...

She has zero sex appeal.

ashutosh said...

Thats awesomr that u featured my country's prez in ur series. I am media guy in Mumbai and love ur blog. Was in Japan for a holiday and ur posts were interesting.