12 May 2006

Coca-Cola's Innovative New Pricing Strategy

I saw this recently on a vending machine near my work. Does this make sense to anyone? —Execpt perhaps as a sinister plot by the sugar industry to make us all fat.

FYI: 120¥ is about 1.20$CDN — Stupid exhange rate screwing me over! Damn those international money market fat cats! They're probably in it with the sugar people too!


Jennifer said...

Total conspiracy, no question, Japanese people are just not fat enough for the sugar companies' liking.

tokyo tintin said...

i know it's totally going to be fat person overload when i go back to canada. "put down that big mac fatty" i'll want to yell at everyone all the time! --maybe i'll yell it in japanese, and everyone will think it's kawaii.

Jennifer said...

Well, you'll be happy to know that Ash and I have been working on our fat problem, well, just me, Ash purports to be working on hers as well, but she's failing miserably.