05 May 2006

Japanese for Half-Assed People

Okay, per Jenni's request, here is ya'll's first Japanese lesson:

Sugoi: 凄い すごい: (su-goy): adj. Great, wonderful, amazing, terrific. Also; terrible, dreadful.

How oh-so-Japanese to have one word with two completely opposite meanings! I'd say it's probably the most used word in conversations with people under 35. In fact, it probably gets used in a typical conversation, oh, about every second sentence. So feel free to sprinkle it liberally throughout your converstation. I know I sure do.

A: "I just won the lottery."
B: "Sugoi!"

Those new shoes are sugoi!


Princess Pessimism said...

LOL!!! LOVE that. These Japanese lessons are a sugoi idea!!!

Jennifer said...

Wait, you forgot to use it in a few sentances, so we're sure we are using it right.
And you're tres sugoi!

Princess Pessimism said...

I'll have you know, Tin Tin, that jenni and myself were chatting on Google chat, and we DID use "sugoi" liberally in a sentence or two. Learning is fun.