31 May 2006


So, here I am, back in Toronto. A very mixed bag of emotions for me right now. I'd been in Tokyo for nearly four years, so it really did feel like my home. I loved getting up every day and dealing with the sheer insanity of it --the mass of humanity, the kanji, Shinjuku Station at five o'clock. As much as I complained about things, I never lost my sense of wonder and excitement for that awesome meat-grinder of a city.

In my head, I was trying to prepare myself for reverse culture shock when I got back, but as others who have come back before me have pointed out, you can never be really prepared. Toronto's three million people compared to Tokyo's 20 is seeming a little provincial at the moment. Well, if worse comes to worse, and I don't think I can hack it in Toronto, I can always execute my contingency plan, which is to decamp to Paris on a working holiday visa. Oh là là !

It hasn't even been 24 hours yet, so I am going to give it some time. Here are some things that I've realised in my short time back:
1. People aren't as fat as I was expecting them to be
2. The city is quite dirty (Uh, hello, it's called a broom people!)
3. Everyone and their dog has a tattoo —I feel like I'm at a yakuza convention.


jane said...

Welcome back to North America!

And if Toronto feels too provincial, feel welcome to stop by NYC. Though a broom is even more unheard-of here.

Miss Ash said...

Welcome back!!

I just remember in Japan every morning in your neighbourhood i would see this woman sweeping and watering the road. Very clean she was.

Princess Pessimism said...

Welcome back!!! You dont think you can hack it in toronto?? Its not busy enough for you?

sly said...

darling, if i wasn't in the middle of moving apartments, i'd so have been there to greet you at the airport! welcome back! how i've missed you!

Heren Chan said...

Well gorgeous it could be worse, at least you can enjoy the bitterness that a justified superiority complex provides. How clean and fashionable you shall look. How witty and debonaire (sp?)
I on the other hand am suffering from the trauma of being surrounded by small tanned aussie people with their question intonation and pigmented flesh. I call shenanigans on pigmented flesh.