01 June 2006

More observations

So, I walked around yesterday. Here are some things that I noticed;

1. Streets with garbage cans on them — yeay!
2. White trash — boo! (I'd actually kind of forgotten about white trash and what it was all about. Japan doesn't so much have anything equivalent)
3. People who walk on the street at a normal speed — yeay! (One of my biggest gripes about Tokyo was how freakin slow everyone was)
4. Diversity — yeay! (Walking down the street I just kept staring, mouth agape, at all the non-Japanese looking people (basically everyone))
5. Pollution — boo! (It's only May, and there's already been Air Quality Advisories. Even in Tokyo, you couldn't acutally see the pollution, but here there's been a gross haze in the air since I arrived)

You are all, no doubt, very concerned with my ongoing shopping crises, so here is the latest. Shopping level seems acceptable (but far from great). Yesterday I went for a bit of a wander in the shops and there were some decent things. The calibre of fashion you see people wearing depends on what street you're on; Church St, dysmal; Bloor Street, pretty okay. The introduction of H&M has raised the stakes a bit I think (they weren't here before I left for Japan). One major problem: a derth of expensive underwear options. I went to Holt Renfrew (Canada's chi-chi department store for those non-Canuks reading), and all they had was boxer shorts! For three times the price of what they cost in Tokyo! I am most dismayed and dishearted by this recent development and may require the assistance of my Tokyo crew to aliviate this dire situation. I still a little bit couldn't believe it –I mean, boxer shorts are so 1993 people!


Princess Pessimism said...

That sounds like a little reverse culture shock to me...LOL! Toronto has changed that much since you were last living there?? or you've just forgotten what it was like?

jase said...

sweetie, I cannot believe that you posted a picture of you in your fab new swimwear!! Particularly after you debated the appropriateness of sending me said photo and asking for my opinion. Now here it is for the whole world to see! I love it!! You'll have boys beating down your door no doubt. I've said it before and I'll say it again...the Taj Mahal of crotches;) xx

dawn davenport said...

Sure...boxers maybe so 1993 but underwear in general is just SO 2001, babe....burn the lot of them and enjoy the freedom xxxxxxxxx

tokyo tintin said...


while i do enjoy the occasional commando outing in the summer when it's really hot, generally underpants are a necessary part of presenting a nice crotch in your pants. you wouldn't walk around without a bra very often, would you?