13 July 2006

Suddenly I'm Miss Midwest Midnight Check-Out Queen

I got a job today. I'm pretty under-whelmed about it. It's working at a call centre, talking to people about thier mutual funds. The pay is okay, but it's in North York (a horrible, bland, lame-o suburb north of Toronto). I basically just took it because I needed a job, but I have serious trepidation about going up there every day. It really is horribly life-crushing being up there. I could totaly feel the concrete and eight lanes of traffic across sucking the life out of me when I went up there for my interviews.

Taking the job has also brought to home the permanancy of my return to Toronto. It certainly has a "rest-of-your-life" feel to the whole thing which is terribly freaky. Yuck! While I know that if I really don't like it, I can always go on to something else, it'll in all likelyhood still be something that's grown-uppy and real-lifish. Booh! I need the Peter-Pan comfort blanket of my Japanese lifestyle to make me feel happy and blissyfully delusional again.


heren chan said...

Well I'm sure you will win the pageant! the swimsuit section is where you'll knock the polyester fibre socks of the competition.
The reality of the jobness is indeed a little scary. I know I dont have much cause for complaint given that i am in australimia and not the evil pikey shamrock patch of shame but employment outside of NOVA seems to reeeeeeek of responsibility. I am constantly amazed by the stringent conditions under which I am placed here.

boss: Helen are you drunk?

me: alhkdf fhfdjkah I fucking love you, you're my bess mate youuare

boss: Helen are you still drinking? Have you filled the water cooler with vodka?

me: Less all gooo ta karaoke
hast du etwas seit fur mich dan singe ich ein leid fur dich..c'mon everybody, no wait shut up this is my feckin song

boss...backs away slowly towards door, looks at feet, flees

Yes I too miss my blanket of chu hi and nicnessitude, but there is always a jet set life as an international traveller to try.
You could be a shopping emergency services assistant.

Just imagine it...somewhere in Idaho and chubby lady with saddleback, chipped nail polish dyed red hair with 2 inches of roots and lipstick on her teeth wistfully stared at a blonde bimbo salesperson wearing a boob tube and mini skirt and chewing bubble gum while filing her perfectly manicured tramp hands.

She looks at the clothes on the rack, delicately tracing her fingers across the rails of suits and tops only the sigh and trundle to the changing room with lycra stretch trousers and a novelty sweatshirt.

Suddenly there is a flash of neon lights, and ceiling tiles smash to the floor and crash to the floor and rip the clothes from her grubby paws and lead her to a salon

it is your destiny

sly said...

sweetie, the job is only temporary. i'll sort us out.

Dr Philm said...

You see! You think work is hard, I had that conversation with Heren-chan this morning!

"Babe where do you think you are?"


"Okay, then, lets just get you ready for the 'other' work. That's my girl!"

"99..Balloons! red ones!..they were red...and now they're gone...all gone...except..for 4 of them...I want my Balloons back! Oh look...I..I..got 24 on tha..caloror..iry..counter thing!"

"Good girl. PINK!"

"Huh? What? Who said that?! Ok, see you tonight, babe"

C'mon Daniel-Kun, come to Australia, everyone keeps leaving me and I can't afford therapy!

Princess Pessimism said...

At least youve got a job...i've been living like a rockstar for the past three weeks, although I have applied for some...Congrats, even if you are slightly underwhelmed.

jase said...

Sweetie, clearly this Toronto "experiment" is not going to work. Come back and be a Lost Boy with me in Nippon. You know you wanna;)

Jennifer said...

North York is not north of Toronto, it's an area within Toronto. Vaughan is north of Toronto, and if you work there, you might as well just go out and buy the cyanide pills.
How was the first day, sweetheart?

tokyo tintin said...

jennifer, you of all people should know that north york is definitetly north of toronto. really toronto is everything south of bloor street, though i will give some slight leaniancy to the old, pre-amalgamation bounders of toronto. north york in no way incorporates my view of toronto!

i had my first day of work today BTW. it was okay, nothing too much to handle, however they seem quite bad at training people. they were telling me about all kinds of random, detailed things before they had even gone into an overview of the services the company provides. they said that the training lasts "two or three weeks", and i thought 'um, shouldn't you know how long exactly the training takes?' oh well, it seems like a job with a high time-wastege factor, which is fine because i love to waste company time.

Miss Ash said...

Maybe it takes "two or three weeks" to train someone dependent upon their ability to pick up and learn what they must to succeed at such a prestigious place.

I predict it will take you two days tops, only because you are tres sugoi!!!