13 September 2006

Blame Canada!

Is it just me, or is this new pope (aside from being a Nazi), waaay worse than old JP? It seems like he's turning up the rhetoric to level ten.

See this Toronto Star article, here, where he says that Canada is going to hell for being a bunch of pot-smoking hippies with all our seal-clubbing, aborting and sinful fag weddings. I especially like the part where he says that Canada's commitment to justice and peace means that people's rights have been extended "too far." Uh -hello- how can people possibly have "too many" rights?! It's preposterous!

He's saying things that don't even make sense: "I encourage you to demonstrate that our Christian faith, far from being an impediment to dialogue, is a bridge." What kind of bridge are we talking about here Ratzinger? A bridge to take us from ignorance to oppression, that spans the river of human rights and freedoms perhaps? If there's one thing the papacy can do well, it's to be an impediment.

I also love how he's trying to meddle in that whole darned separation-of-church-and-state thing by "calling on bishops to use their influence with politicians by urging them to consider religious values when making decisions, not just public opinion polls and social trends."

All right – That's it! À la Colbert Report; Pope Benedict XVI, you're officially on notice!

I would like to formally commemorate our papal going-to-hell-ness with a clip of Robin Williams singing Blame Canada from the 2000 Oscar show. Hi-larious!


sly said...

agreed! i second all of the above!

Princess Pessimism said...

I dont know if he's worse, but he's definitely creepier looking.

Princess Pessimism said...

but I also agree with what you've said. I read an article about the pope a while back, and quite frankly, I was shocked and horrified by some of the things he was saying. Especially when part of the catholic church is to teach acceptance, and to be loving.

I dont like organized religion...its quite shady...

jase said...

what pisses me off is how hypocritical this guy is. he's had the same "loyal" (male) assistant for over 20 years and wears nothing but Prada shoes! he's a damn shirt-lifting, wooly woofter, friend-of-Dorothy bender, i tells ya!! in fact, he's up there with John Travolta and Tom Cruise in a Hole-y triumverate of absloute screamers who've managed to convince the world they are ball-sport loving, beer-chugging heterosexuals.
and golly gosh, he's ugly;(

btw am i going to hell??

tokyo tintin said...

jase– you are certainly going to hell for a myriad of reasons, but with all the losers and dorks who get into heaven, really hell sounds like the place to be. i wouldn’t worry about it too much. just repent everything before you die, then you’re all set. limbo would probably be fine too — unless they made you do the limbo dance for all eternity, which would almost certainly get really boring.

also, they always say that the most homophobic people are actually banana-benders themselves. so case in point, pope benedict.

now, is it just me, or does anyone else think Ratzinger kind of looks like Satan? Or at least some kind of vampire-demony-thing. am i right or what?

heren chan said...

Boooo religion!
of the organised or disorganised kind
Am actually planning on setting up my own door knocking atheists society. We wear obnoxiously starched suits and travel door to door at really inappriopriate times to tell people about the freedom of atheism. We give out free beer and condoms and maybe lottery tickets instead of gideons. do ya think it would catch on? Ooooh and we could sneak into hotels and place the karma sutra in the bedside table drawer.

tokyo tintin said...

i looove that ratzinger is “extremely upset” that muslims are angry at him for calling them all violent terrorists.

not exactly the brightest votive candle in the abbey is he?