08 September 2006

It's a Lacroix Sweetie!

It's official!

....I am a label whore! This was confirmed by my most recent trip to New York where I went crazy-shopping at Century 21 (not the realtors but a designer discount warehouse). There was plenty of nice shirts, for example, but all I was looking at was the label on the collar. It's not a Lacroix? --Fugetaboudit.

This is all terribly superficial and shallow of me, I know, but pretty things are so pretty! I mean, what is the point of ugly things cluttering up your life? Isn't it better to have fewer, really beautiful things? I guess beautiful things don't necessarily have to be Dior things, but.... --oh Gawd I'm vapid, shallow gay stereotype aren't I? I might as well just change my name to Bryce and get pec implants.

I should just accept my fate; shiny on the outside and hollow on the inside. Oh well, there are worse things to be; axe murder springs to mind for example. I bet Lizzy Borden would have been a lot less angry if she had a Miu Miu ostrich-skin corset to slip into. And she would have been really, really hot! And we all know that beautiful people are always happy (except for Claus von Bülow; and he was German, so that doesn't count).

I say: Long Live Labels! (My new personal motto; Regina Labelis, I'm getting it embroidered into the lining of all my jackets as we speak)

As an addendum, I'm in the middle of watching the final season of Queer As Folk --Awesome!


Princess Pessimism said...

I Had my Miu miu...but I returned it...I'm currently mourning the loss of my purse. But I am also a label whore. However, you make it look so much more fabulous!

Do you have season 5 on tape?? I havent seen it yet. When I was on, I was living in MA, working that time of the day, with no vcr...If you have it on tape, keep them for me?? I'd love to see it!

Miss Ash said...

Ah yes QAF, such a great show. Hottie Gale Harrold is on that Vanishing show however he plays some detective, it isn't quite the same.

You are a fashion whore!!! I love it!!!

heren chan said...

oooh is that the dodgy english thing with lots of red brick and questionable clothing from the mid 90s?
how very retrospective of you
I got a great label the other day but unfortunately it said "outsize reject discount"
ah well we cannot all squeeze our glory into such delightful packaging. I can live vicariously through you though
and when i finish my make up artistry thingamagig i can have ultra camouflage secret powers that will make up for any dearth of labelicious whoredom in my wasted youth

tokyo tintin said...

PP- ian lent me QAF season V. i'm sure if you asked him, he would lend it to you. (though i haven't had a chance to watch the series finale yet, so hold off on that for a moment please).

HC- the british QAF was excellent, but only ran for one season, and indeed featured a surfit of exposed brick and mancunian fashion sense. the american version (which was actually filmed in toronto), started out as a pale copy, but really came into it's own. this fifth and final season is awesome!

tokyo tintin said...

PP- why did you have to return your miu miu bag? it was beautiful?