05 October 2006

When are we going to have "Defense Against Idiot Prime Ministers Act"?

Honestly, I’m getting tired of writing angry indignant blog posts about how much of a jerk Stephen Harper is. He is such a jerk! Now that it’s clear that his proposal to reopen the equal marriage debate is almost sure to fail, he’s planning to put forward a “Defense of Religions Act” to protect the rights of civil servants from performing civil weddings which they find objectionable because of their religious beliefs.

Now suffice it to say that religious freedoms are protected up the yin-yang under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms; but if your job is to perform civil weddings for people whom your religion tells you are uncool, then you need to find a new job!!

Also to be protected under the purported act are the rights of people to criticise homosexual behaviour. Now in my mind this contradicts the provisions of the Freedom of Expression Act which protect people from harmful expression on the basis of their sexual orientation. Who is to say where to draw the line between what is critical and what is hurtful? –Conservative judges appointed by Stephen Harper perhaps? Well, isn’t that handy then.

The most surprising thing about this whole situation was that i didn’t read anything about it in the Toronto Star. I had to resort to getting my news from The Globe and Mail, (shudder), and even then I only knew about the story because I walked past a newspaper box and saw the headline. Only after some hunting did I manage to dig up stuff from the Star in the nether-reaches of their website. I can usually count on the Star to bring me the lefty-loosey progressive kind of news I need, but now instead I’ve got some kind of topsy-turvy world where the Globe is putting homo stuff on their front page. What is going on?

Anyhow, again, Pwpth!! –I spit on you Stephen Harper. My indignation knows no bounds.

(Globe & Mail article)


Jennifer said...

I also spit on Stephen Harper.

Anonymous said...

i'd spit on Stephen Harper, too (if i knew what he looked like.) it's a beautiful day out...maybe i'll just go spit on random Japanese instead.
by the by sweetie...this topsy turvy world you mention. hot snow wouldn't be falling up by any chance??