03 October 2006

Best Moose Ever!

This past weekend I went camping in Algonquin Park with some friends. It was the first time I’d ever been up to Algonquin ever and the first time I’d been camping in about ten years as well. Superfun. Although it was stoopidly cold on the Friday night, otherwise the weather was really cooperative considering the forecast before going up had been horrible and rainy. We really lucked out in that when it did rain, we were either asleep in the tent or driving in the car. So all in all a Best Algonquin Ever!

We even saw some moose, which were actually pretty boring. I wanted to make loud noises and wild gestures to get them to do something interesting, like stampede or gore me with their antlers, but instead they just stood there in the swamp calmly eating grass like some dumb animal, with blatant disregard for my entertainment needs.

I had really hoped to see a porcupine, because I think they are really freaky and I’ve never seen one in the wild before. However, despite much treetop staring, all my efforts were in vain and I went home un-porcupined. I did come up with the next biggest haut-couture fashion item though; first it was stingray leather, then ostrich leg skin, and now porcupine pelts! –I’m calling John Galliano as we speak– All I have to do is to get Paris Hilton wearing a porcupine quill handbag on the red carpet and BAM, we’re millionaires. I can’t wait. –And I thought camping was a running-water, refrigerated insult to our pioneer ancestors who struggled so hard to build a civilisation and get away from all that dirt and clean air, but instead it’s a treasure trove of high-fashion accoutrements! Who knew?


Miss Ash said...

Love the pics. I was with Jennifer in TO this past weekend doing the Nuit Blanche thing and asked where you were. When she told me i was like WHAT!! I never pictured you to be the camping type ;)

How adventurous of you!!

jase said...

sweetie, i'm glad you're not a horror movie nut like yours truly cos there's no way in hell you'd catch me in a flimsy lil' tent where all sorts of Blair Witch gonna come getcha. (around 3am. when you're fast asleep.)
i'm sure you survived due to the simple fact that you and your fellow camperoos are all non-virgins (i assume!) thus foiling the first cardinal rule of your typical horror movie. (NB. I'm also guessing that none of you are annoying faux-documentary film-makers either.)
like the pictures though!...and the flat cap makes for an unexpectedly snazzy look for today's homo-outdoorsman:)

PS should any of you fellow campers actually BE virgins perchance (God bless you btw!) i'm sure you were all kept safe by the amount of action Dan's seen...

Jennifer said...

I've never been camping.
Camping is an insult to our ancestors. And that flimsy fabric is just not good enough for me to feel safe.
Or maybe I'm just trying to hide the pain of never having been invited camping.