18 December 2006

Hot Survivor Gayness

Alternate title: "Black, Brown, Yellow Power!"

Last night's Survivor: Cook Islands final episode capped off the most action-packed season since All Stars. The ups, the downs, the come-from-behind, Aitu, Raro, great challenges, and the racial divide. Kudos to you Cook Islands!

During the reunion show, Drumboy said "I think JP is gay" —and while the the though that this muy caliente pro volleyball player was a bender never occured to me during the course of the season, a few clicks of the internet confirmed his raging hot festiveness (1, 2, 3). Apparently there's even been rumours circulating that JP and fellow teammate Brad have been having their own tribal council, if you know what i'm saying (1).

In honour of JP's amazing pecs, I present to you a retrospective of lustyful Survivors of yore. Enjoy!

Jeff - Palau

Silas - Africa

Jed - Thailand

Kel - Australia

John - Vanuatu

Aras - Panama

Burton - Pearl Islands

Johnathan - Palau


Tokyo Tintin said...

oh – and palau jeff; *holy mother of god!!!*

Anonymous said...

Jeff makes me tingle...boo Jeff boo...

Miss Ash

Anonymous said...


Jeff's body is completely unreal. Do people like that really exist??? I mean, other than you of course.


Tokyo Tintin said...

jeff looked more or less like that on the show, so at least he exists.

he is a personal trainer however, so pretty much his job is to look like that. but still – *holy mother of god*!!!

(more pictures of jeff here)

jolie-chan said...

survivor really??? u really were gone a long time : ) j/k

Unknown said...

mmmmm Aras..... from the 3 episodes i saw he seemed flighty, but delicious.

i didn't know anyone watched survivor anymore either.

Tokyo Tintin said...

uh, hello! –look at all the hot guys. why wouldn't you watch survivor?!

Tokyo Tintin said...

oh, and going back through your blog archive, dave, i wouldn't be so quick to pass judgement on what consitutes quality t.v.

(oooh, burn!)

Unknown said...

you are a total burninator! it's true my television selections have been, in the past, questionable. i am relatively confident with my selections at present.

Princess Pessimism said...

I thought brad was kind of cute this season...

Tokyo Tintin said...

PP- this season was acutally quite hunky, which was nice. I hate when it's all ugly old people like palau (athough jeff was so buringly hot that he pretty much carried the whole season).

Anonymous said...

All I want for Christmas is Jeff Wilson... what a stocking stuffer!