20 April 2007

I Spring!

After having the warming cheer of a beautiful European spring snatched away from me by the cold, calculating voice of the Air Canada pilot who announced “current conditions in Toronto; -2° and light flurries,” I am sooo happy that I was finally able to hang up my winter coat today.

Anyone who doesn’t love spring is clearly a crazy person. It’s all birdsong and daffodils — What’s not to like? Ace of Base may have said that it was a "cruel, cruel summer," but clearly winter is the cruelest season of all. Goodbye evil winter with your windchill factors and seasonal affective disorder. I’m ready to bring in the spring!


Jennifer said...

I would also like to comment that on my walk home from the subway last night, I noticed the mating season has commenced in the Gaybourhood. Everyone was out sitting on patios, walking dogs, you couldn't get by on the sidewalk, no one was in a hurry... I missed nice weather.

Miss Ash said...


Anonymous said...

ummm... i think it was bananarama that said it was a cruel, cruel summer... did ass of bass cover it?

tokyo tintin said...

Anon: Bananarama was originally cruel, but AoB did it better. Sorry.