26 April 2007

Smoking Fish


Smoking fish are absolutely prohibited from the ground of Tokyo Disneyland. All fish found smoking on the premises will be immediately ejected from the park. No exceptions.


jase said...

oh, DisneySea!! Hisashiburi! remember our ill-fated attempt to eat food from every land? drinking beer whilst wearing Stitch ears? that random duck that appeared from nowhere? the fruity foreign staff? and most of all...the Hilton hotel and room service breakfast:))))
i love you forever for that. mwah!!

tokyo tintin said...


What was ill-fated about our attempt to eat something from every land? We did eat something from every land.

Wouldn't that, therefore, make our attempt succesful?

jase said...

what did we eat in the Arabian Coast? tabbouleh? hummus? baba ghanoush? i can picture everything else we scarfed down, but that one escapes me....and of course by ill fated i meant that i felt ill afterwards. i'd climb across ten Mexicans to get another of those Yucatan hot dog things though:)

Miss Ash said...

This made me laugh out loud at work .... love it!!

Jennifer said...

I think what Disney is trying to say is that smoking is so awesome that everyone wants to do it, but that fish can't smoke because they're underwater. Therefore, they're saying that fish are prohibited out of water (where they would, of course, smoke).