17 May 2007

As time goes by

It crept up on me without the slightest warning or notice, but my blog celebrated its one-year birthday back on May 3rd. Hard to believe that it’s only been 378 days since this bad boy was born. So much stuff has happened in that time; the highest highs, the Sayonara-Nihon-T.O.-homecoming lows, the extended periods where other priorities have taken centre stage and pushed my cyber-baby into the dusty waiting wings of my mind.

I’d like to take this opportunity for all my loyal readers to have a moment of quiet reflection and think about me and my fabulous blog. What has been your favourite post of the past year? (Personally, I rather like what I had to say in this post and my subsequent comments).

What would you like to see more of? What do you want less of? Advice, praise, admiration, thanks, glory, acclaim, gifts, and even criticism are all welcomely welcome.


tokyo tintin said...

This case of annual blogospection has meant some spring cleaning is in order. A historical first at WTTMB: Amazing Race: All Stars makes it off the ‘Dead to Me’ list. Now that the season is over, I can say that –of course– I still watched diligently every week. While I would have preferred a different outcome, I did enjoy the season – I mean, they went to Guam and Macao (so random), and stupid Romber was out fourth (haha losers!).

That being said however, I had expected that since it was “all-stars” it was going to be harder; i.e. going to much more traveler unfriendly places like "fly from Uzbekistan to the African nation of Chad – you have 27 złotys for this leg of the race." "Once there contestants must drive a herd of camels across the Sahara 400 miles to the oasis of H'jdmernrhaq'rhajj'd and search through this pile of ten million dates to find the one date with no pit. Once found, they must present the date to the caliph of the medina who will tell them their next clue – but only in local Berber dialect. It's up to the racers to use this information to get to the next route marker." You know, that kind of thing.

tokyo tintin said...

I’m also taking Latin America’s swing to the left over the last year and a half as an indication that all the damage the US did during their secret war there is beginning to be mended, so Operation Condor is no longer "On Notice."

tokyo tintin said...

I’ve also added a “Currently Reading” section down the side there. I’m always got my head in a book to dull the bitter pain of my infernal commute. Feel free to put forward suggestions for the ‘Up Next’ slot, as I’m constantly on the hunt for something new.

jase said...

hey sweetie, omedeto gozaimasu!! ichiban tanjobi! sugoi, ne!

what i'd like to see more of? hmmm...lemme see....

*more of your rants. i LOVE it when you get all worked up over something. i think it makes for some of your wittiest/funniest stuff. plus, i can literally hear you make your 'Concentrating Face" as you furiously pummel the keyboard. good times.
*more pictures of cute animals doing adorable things. i just have to think of that sea otter picture and i turn my down-under frown upside down. kawaii!!!
*more usage of the word 'boo-urns'. that shit cracks me up...i use it liberally and folks look at me like i'm chotto okashii. plus, you could throw 'chowderhead' in there a fair bit as well.
*more travelly type stuff where i can vicariously enjoy vacations that i don't have time to take.
*more Canadianisms. i want to hear more about loonies (loon eyes!!), toonies, beanies, maple sugar candy, Tuktiuktuk, Bryan Adams and the current whereabouts of the original cast of Degrassi Junior High (especially Stephanie Kaye...my role model for my early high school years.)
*more nudity. particularly male. particularly full-frontal. wait...this isn't 'Rate-My-Rod'! (ps loves it!)

less of..?
*youtubes...only cos neither my office PC nor my home PC plays them (and yes i do live in the Bedrock and drive a stone car using my feet.) i've had to imagine the joys of seeing Morning Musume versus a komodo dragon of Alanis doing Fergie. boo-urns!!

my suggestion for your next book is 'Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell'. you'll love it so much that you'll want to turn the book into a tent so you can have your wedding in it. chou omoshiroi!!

tokyo tintin said...

Jase: Favourite post wa?

Miss Ash said...

Happy Belated Blog Birthday. I'll have you know it's not my fault it's belated, it's yours....haha.

I love the Japanese for Half-Assed people section, not for the witty banter of course but to learn me some Japanese.

My favorite parts of your blog however are the ridiculous videos/photos you find on the internet IE the Indian Michael Jackson and the ridiculous Japanese game shows. Soooo funny!! Raise your glass for a toast, to the ridiculousness that is Danboy!

Anonymous said...

it is no peace boat, but hey, still congratulations! did you have to release a crate of ebola-ridden monkeys on anyone to get in? hope not!

- samurai scott

Princess Pessimism said...

Happy WTTMB Month Indeed!!! Im honored to be part of such a joyous occasion!!!

jolie-chan said...
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jolie-chan said...

i would change little - i loves me the variety of topics, commenting wars, travel destinations and stories (u so worldy yo)...and loves me sum'a'ya...great job!!!

to another blogasmic year!