24 May 2007

I wish I knew how to quit you

Introducing a new section for your consideration: Mockback Mountain. I make no qualms about the absurd ridiculousness of the whole thing, but there is just so much material out there, hungry for an outlet.

Here I present to you the first in a series of exercises in preposterousology, Callback On Me Mountain.

For those of you unfamiliar with the classic Eric Prydz Call On Me aerobics video, here is the original version: (Warning may not be suitable for all viewers, young children or nelly queens).

And here Callback Mountain. Enjoy!


Jennifer said...

I love it. That video is hilarious to begin with, I think I've been exercising wrong all this time. If I'd known that all I needed to do was toss my hair and gyrate sexily at the gym instead of lifting weights and I could get that kind of bod then I'd have changed my ways years ago.

Anonymous said...

boo-urns! another youtube that i can't watch:(
on another note...so stoked that you're reading 'Jonathan Strange...' next! i've been dying to discuss it with you (it's a hefty tome though, so it might be a few months;)

Tokyo Tintin said...


honestly, you need to get your shit together and figure out how to make youtubes work on your computer because Callback Mountain is high-larious!

Unknown said...

that's it. i'm definitely taking up aerobics.