04 May 2007

It’s the Final Countdown

Only six days left until admissions results for Paris are posted on the internet. The antici... pa-tion is killing me! I want to know yesterday, and I especially want to know because I don’t have a very satisfactory back-up plan formulated at the moment.

At present, my much less glamorous plan B involves a year-long Masters programme at McGill which, although being shorter, is actually more expensive than Paris (500€×2 years for France versus ±5000$ at McGill). And while I’m sure living in Montreal is nice, it’s certainly not Paris (and winters à la montréalaise suck icy donkey balls). Also McGill– while being the closest programme in Canada to what I want to do – still only focuses on French to English translation and not the other way around, which would definitely be an important skill to have.

I could wait and apply again to Paris next year — but what would I do in the mean time? I certainly can’t stay where I am now. (I'd rather kill myself and everyone around me). I could go to Paris on a working holiday visa in anticipation of getting accepted in 2008, but I feel that’s not really the most responsible life choice. I should be worrying about my career, future, etcetera, and I’m kind of feeling that a year goofing off in Paris is going to get me a whole lotta nuthin’ at this point.

Anyone got any brilliant life counselling advice to impart on me?


Jennifer said...

Buy some lotto tickets?

Miss Ash said...

Perhaps a vacation Indian style will help you decide...and by Indian style I mean a vacation to none other than India :)