31 August 2007

Apartment Found!

After much stress and hair-pulling, worry, baguettes and Gaulois cigarettes, I finally managed to secure an apartment! The religious gay finally got back to me to offer me the apartment and I figured at this point beggars can’t be choosy, so I decided to take it. I’m still weirded out by the religious gayness, and am concerned about waking up in the middle of the night with the guy watching me sleep —but he seemed nice enough on the telephone and the apartment looked alright in photos. It’s close to hip Bastille and Ménilmontant, not far from gay Marais, and conveniently walking distance from ‘Nation’ express RER station.

Now I can stop panicking about that and start panicking about all the other things I have to do in the week and a half before I leave.


Anonymous said...

at first i thought your new apartment was on Boulevard 'Voltron' and chuckled. then i realised that i'm still drunk from last night and should probably go back to bed.
oh, and you should just shag your new housemate as soon as you get there and get it out of the way. you know it's gonna happen.
(and don't try and deny it because you KNOW i'm right. and then i'll have to say i told you so and remind you of this scarily prescient comment on your blog. plus, you know he's gonna be packing large.)
Daddy, needs some Bufferin and a cocktail....

Anonymous said...

That's some sound advice. I agree with Jason. Just get it over with already.

Anonymous said...

Hoooooorah you have a place of placificatory goodness
hooorah indeed
now all i have to do is see if i can arrange a stopover in charles de gaulle next may. Last time i was there i batted my eyelashes at a dashing check in desk man thing and got an extra 40 kilos on my luggage allowance,
what can you do to compete with that to be my favourite parisian??
mwah mwah