11 October 2007

Fashion Weeks continues

I still have a virus on my computer after taking it to the shop for a third time, which means I still have to troll around internet cafés and try to deal with their maddening French keyboard layouts. (Example: to type a period, you need to hit shift semi-colon. Nonsense!).

So here, in honour of fashion week, is something to tide you over until I can somehow rid myself of this bubonic computer plague. Enjoy!


Miss Ash said...

I've had the longest day at work and that just cracked me up. I especially love Marta's white gym socks paired with her black pumps...classic.

Princess Pessimism said...

....Have you seen anymore fab celebs??? Is Paris all that you hoped for and so much more (so far?)

Tokyo Tintin said...

No more celebs, but a few evenings ago I was walking down the street and came across a gaggle of orthodox priests in full get-up with stovepipe hats and huge beards.

—Is this city for real? I feel more like i'm living in a fairytale and just around the corner is the doorway to Narnia.

Tokyo Tintin said...

I also changed my 'Roll Call' a bit and eliminated the blogs that hadn't been updated in six months or so (sorry guys!)(Michael skating on very thin ice here).

I also added a blog in the hopes of diversifying my blogological tastes. Welcome!