17 October 2007

Strike while the iron is hip

Today there is a transit strike and the city is half shut down. I'm profiting from my lack of classes and the poor weather to hunt down the full two-hour series premier of Beverley Hills 90210 on Youtube.

Oh the hair, the clothes, the music! 1990 really was the low point in world culture – all the shoulder pads of the 80s with none of the techno and raves of the 90s. (I do like Brenda's vampy cocktail dresses however).


90210 Series Premier

(Follow the links on the right to get to the next segments).


Tokyo Tintin said...

Check out Dylan's *pleated* acid-wash jeans! Yikes! I think my eyes are bleeding.

Michael Motor-Cyclorama said...

Oh Daniel,

Don't hate on the 80's fashion. It is most definitely returning. I see it in American Apparel all the time...not here mind you. Over here, a polo shirt and maybe a pair of imported Japanese jeans is as crazy as it gets.

Katie said...

awesome. i'm sitting here at work trying to clandestinely watch it. i haven't gotten to the jeans yet.

Tokyo Tintin said...


Dylan doesn't appear in the pilot - I think he shows up in the 2nd or third episode. Sooo hunky.

I was talking about the cast photo that I uploaded. Most of the clothes aren't too offensive, but those jeans... ick!

So was watching the first episode like you were back in junior high or what?