01 November 2007

Harry Potter and le Moulin des Secrètes

Recently, I decided to re-read all the Harry Potter books before going on to read the final book in the series. Since I was going to the effort, I thought I might as well re-read them in French, to get some extra language practice. I get to learn all kinds of words like 'broomstick' (manche à balai) and 'cauldron' (chaudron). –Bet you didn't know that Hogwarts was called 'Poulard' in French.

I just finished 'Arry Pottèr à l'école des sorciers (as Philosopher's Stone is known here), and came across this, which I'm sure you'll appreciate as much as I did.



Tokyo Tintin said...

Ignoring of course the fact that Harry is so gay. (Or maybe it's just Daniel Radcliffe that's gay. Hard to tell really).

Tokyo Tintin said...

Happy Toussaint by the way! All-Saint's Day yo! (It's a holiday here in la France).

Tokyo Tintin said...

Also, some changes to the right-hand column; two rollcall links added - a hot guy with a hot mind talks about spirituality with his shirt off and A.W.W.A., who favourited me on Technocrati. Then addition of links that i like a lot (though might not actually check everyday, i.e. 'quotidien'). Enjoy.