31 January 2008

Animotion – Obsession

Freakin' A!

I love the 80s!!


Tokyo Tintin said...

There are just so many different things going on in this video. It's amazing! I mean, where are you going to see a video with a court jester, a Roman legionnaire, Amelia Earhart and a spaceman nowadays? Nowhere!

The 80s were amazing! No doubt about it.

Miss Ash said...

It looked the the gentleman near the beginning was doing the Elmo. I love it!!!

Dan said...

Antony and Cleopatra, Amelia Earhart, a harlequin, a...sheikh?


Tokyo Tintin said...

I think they're both doing the Elmo at the start of the video, just the male and female versions.

The amazingness is muchly. Why aren't music videos as good as this anymore? It's all booty and bling and very little Amelia Earhart these days.