08 February 2008

Da Pity Party is Ova'!

When the Christmas vacations finished, I was feeling all sorry for myself. The holidays were finished, Paul was back in Canada, no more Morocco to look forward to, a whole semester of ridiculousness stretched out ahead of me. No money. French bureaucracy. Winter. Boo-hoo-hoo. Woe is me.

How boring to sit around moping all the time. I decided the pity party was over! As soon as I decided that, things started looking much better. — I may still be trapped in some 1984-Kafka hybrid of insane bureaucracy, but at least I can laugh about it, walk along the Seine and eat fancy pastries.

At the same time, after months of sending out résumés and getting no response whatsoever, people started falling over themselves to offer me jobs. Crazy. So I took a job that starts in a few weeks teaching English to people in the financial sector (Welcome to Dullsville, population: me. It pays pretty well however). I also took another sideline job on a casual basis as an airport transferist (a person who collects rich American tourists from Charles-de-Gaulle airport and puts them on shuttles to their hotels). Looks like I wont need to be working the corner of Rivoli and St-Paul after all...


jase said...

yay! go for it, sweetie. though i was taken with the idea of you being a high class hooker this'll do for now;)
btw my address...
Toyoko Hakuraku Mansion Apartment 712
36-28 Shinoharadai-machi
Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi,
J xx

Tokyo Tintin said...


I got the kanji all figured out, I think:


Look right to you?

jane said...

Way to go on the jobs!

Tokyo Tintin said...


Congratulations on your dissertation!

Miss Ash said...

Yay!! Jobs = $ which ='s vacations!!