02 February 2008

Eighties Video Amazingness Continues!

New Order - True Faith

Sure, videos today might have solid gold jets filled with rappers' girlfriends dressed in Catholic schoolgirl uniforms, but do they have giant monopod turtle-humans who know sign language?

Also, it is the first week of February and there are already flowers in the park!! I'm so glad winter is basically over here. Winter is certainly one thing about Canada I will never miss!

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Tokyo Tintin said...

I realise that there are just sooo many amazing and awesome 80s videos out there just waiting in some dusty archive, longing for the light of day again!

So I'm starting a new tag for them, but I can't think up a good name. In the interim, it'll be "I want my MTV" – even though of course we did not have MTV in Canada in the 80s.