13 February 2008

Daddy needs a new pair of taglines!

I need two taglines, and I'm having trouble coming up with something snappy. Now who better to help me than you? Yes, you!

I need a tagline for all of the amazing 80s videos I'm discovering. It was a crazy, interesting time for music videos back then, experimenting and throwing it all together with a shoestring and a dream. Everything was exciting and everything was possible. —Sure, videos nowadays may have syncronised laser pyrotechnics and choreographed booty poppin', but where is the randomness? The fun?

In the interim, I've labeled these posts I Want My MTV, which was their original slogan when it first went to air in 1981. We didn't, however, have MTV in Canada until a few years ago, so I think there must be a better choice.

I've also decided to collect all of my stories about ÉSIT – the bumbling excuse for scholasticism that is my "university." I know there's tonnes of lyrics, movies, Simpsons quotes and Chinese fortune cookie sayings about schools and/or languages, but absolutely nothing is coming to mind right now.

All thoughts, feelings, emotions are warmly welcome!

Merci pour votre aide.


Princess Pessimism said...

OHHHH!!! Okay. Although, I have nothing to contribute Tagline wise...i have a FANTASTIC site for you that someone sent to me years ago. I saved it for the day that I would be able to access it. Today is that day.

Enjoy. (i think that there are 1400 or some ridiculously high number)


Princess Pessimism said...

Okay...im very disappointed to say that I have indeed tried to watch a few of these and the links are no longer available...but at least the list might jog your memory as to other good videos you might be able to watch on youtube or something. Maybe I left this site sitting TOO long in my favorites. LOL

Miss Ash said...

They just had the top fifty videos from the 80's on MMM yesterday!! I had to go out but caught a few...oh the memories!!

As for taglines...I'll have to think about those, perhaps something to do with legwarmers or slap braclets....

Tokyo Tintin said...


Thanks for the link. I haven't started investgating very deeply, but so far, everything I want, I've been able to find on Youtube, which is generally great for videos.

Weren't snap bracelets more of an early 90s things? Like hypercolour shirts and pogoballs?

Tokyo Tintin said...

Oh, and I thought of a tagline for my school, which is so blindingly obvious, but at the same time wonderfully great, that I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it earlier:

Lost in Translation

or maybe: Lost, In Translation. I can't decide.

Still coming up empty for the 80s videos though.

Miss Ash said...

Mmm it's debatable...this site says 80's


(they might have an idea for a tagline)

and Wikipedia says early 90's

As for my 2 cents on Lost in Translation....Boo Dan Boo, you need something new and fresh, try again!

Tokyo Tintin said...


I thought "Lost in Translation" was brilliant! :-(

If you're going to poo-poo my scintillating wit and clever insight, I am open to any and all suggesting suggestions...

Tokyo Tintin said...


I loved how that website said that "matching socks" were a fashion craze in the 80s! I had no idea that we were supposed to be wearing mismatched socks now. How incredibly gauche of me! To think I've been walking around all this time, horribly unfashionable, with two matching socks!