06 April 2008

"She's Got Greta Garbo Stand-off Sighs"

Oh how I miss karaoke!

Even though Paris does have a "Little Tokyo" of sorts, I have yet to find any karaokeage of any kind. Most is distression to my emotionals and distractioning to mine singings.

I think there's no karaoke here because French people don't like to get roaringly drunk and belt out AC/DCs greatest hits. Pity.


Emilie said...

hey I can't let you write such nonsense.
Wanna get into a "total eclipse of the heart" karaoke battle???

Tu penses que tu peux gagner???

Moi je dis, pour fêter la fin du partiel de droit, on se fait un karaoké à paris, et si les bars sont pourris, on ira chanter chez moi (j'ai mon petit stock de vidéos de karaoké perso), et on boira.


Ce sera la première expérience interculturelle du BDE - and as the "attaché culturel", you HAVE to come!

Tokyo Tintin said...


Après quatre ans au Japon, je suis certain que je peux gagner!

Bring it!!

Miss Ash said...

You should start a Karaoke evening at your flat...it could be the new quiz night.

Jennifer said...

There are two possibilities.
1. Parisians are too dignified for such silliness and only enjoy high brow entertainment.
2. You just haven't found the Karaoke neighbourhood yet.
Perhaps you should open your own Karaoke place in Paris.

Tokyo Tintin said...

MA, Jenni- I'm not sure how much my roommate Pascal would like that, but I'm willing to give it a go. Now all I need is to find a karaoke machine...

Jenni- Of course Parisians are too sofisticated for karaoke nonsense. They're more into Jerry Lewis and topless cabaret shows.

くれくれ厨 said...

金持ちってスゲー( ゚д゚)ポカーン